Glamping – A brilliant form of accommodation at weekend events

Brook Bell Tents, Glamping

What is the most off-putting aspect of camping? For many of you the worst part about camping is arriving at a festival campsite fighting off other festival goers for a plot and then spending hours attempting to put up the tent especially if starts to rain. Then you have to bring all the 101 things that you may need with … Read More

Cool Campfires

Campfires are cool, there’s no getting away from it.  Whether it’s because they touch a long-lost part of ourselves, bringing out our inner protector or adventurer, or because they connect us with the simple, romantic pleasure of sitting by a fire, being still and at one with our surroundings, campfires have the ability to turn an ordinary camping trip into … Read More

Follow the Tent Commandments this season

Going to festivals and outdoor events this summer? First of all we recommend hiring your equipment from a reputable company such as Brook Bell Tents. This will guarantee a trouble free stay with helpful staff on site to look after you and luxury tents guaranteed not to leak. However if you are planning on taking your own equipment then please … Read More


INSTAGRAM Instagram… I imagine most of you have heard of it? This fantastic, free way for people to document, share their experiences and capture the world through filters that transform its look and feel has been a great tool for us here at Brook Bell Tents. Instagram has over 100 million users, so if you’re not already using it, download … Read More

The Development of the Bell Tent

Bell Tent History Have you ever wondered how this most British of tents came about? The origin and style of the bell tent was a little different from the bell tents we use today. The first patented bell tent predecessor was the Sibley tent. Invented by military officer Henry Hopkins Sibley and patented in 1856. Although conical in shape it … Read More