How To Erect a Bell Tent

How to put up your Bell Tent

It is very quick and easy to put up a bell tent; it can even be done on your own and with practice should take around 15 minutes. Your bell tent should come with the following:

  • Canvas Bell tent with groundsheet attached by zip and guy ropes attached
  • 2 sets of pegs – bell tent (the small ones) and guy rope (the large ones)
  • Centre Pole and A-Frame pole for door

Don’t forget you will also need a mallet.

  1. First layout the bell tent. Make sure the zip-up door is facing where you want your door to be.
  2. Using the small set of pegs, loosely peg it out through the eyelets which are all around the tent. Do not hammer them in yet as you need to put the elasticated loops over the same pegs once the poles are in place.
  3. Now it’s time to put in the centre pole. Unzip the doorway and take the centre pole inside the tent. Find the centre of the ceiling of the tent, straighten to spring-loaded pole and push the ten upwards with the pole. Make sure the small hanging hook is towards the top.
  4. Next, put in the A-frame doorway pole. Fit half of it together but leave one or two pieces hanging loose so it’s easier to get into the doorway. Find the riveted hole at the top of the centre of the doorway and push the pole spike through it. Tie the ties round it to secure. Straighten the rest of the A-frame poles and place the legs inside the loops inside the tent on either side of the doorway. Tie the ties here to secure.
  5. Go around the tent and slip the elasticated loops over the bell tent pegs and hammer in the pegs fully.
  6. Finally peg out the guy ropes. Zip up the door again so you can ensure it closes properly once the guy ropes are tightened. Peg out each of the guy ropes using the larger set of pegs. It’s best to make sure the ropes follow the seams of the bell tent. It’s also a good idea to peg out a guy rope then peg out the one opposite to make sure you get the tension right.
  7. Adjust the slidersto even out the tension all around and there you go, it’s that easy!

Then create your own luxurious glamping experience by putting in sumptuous cushions, festival bunting and cosy rugs.

Enjoy your Glamping experience.

The team at Brook Bell Tents.


A perfectly pitched tent at Delapre Abbey


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